Workforce Housing For Sale in Midland, TX

San Antonio Oil-field and Workforce Housing

San Antonio Mobile Homes offer the most dependable oil-field and workforce housing in South Texas. We know living comfortably ranks high in priority when away on an oil-field work trip, so that’s why we develop and sell only the best quality of manufactured homes in Midland, TX for oil-field and workforce housing. Our mobile homes will surpass all your needs and expectations. Come to check out our affordable homes today! We have a huge selection of mobile or modular homes. Find housing of all sizes at San Antonio Mobile Homes.

Midland, TX and surrounding areas continue to bloom into the oil and natural gasses landing pad. With so many people coming through the city, our mobile homes for sale are ready and affordable living options. We offer workforce mobile homes as well as single-wide mobile homes, double-wide mobile homes.

Wide Workforce Housing Inventory

Our extensive workforce inventory includes smaller units like one bedroom and one bath mobile homes to the maximum of five bedrooms and five bathrooms built with the oil-field man camps in mind, that way everyone has just enough room. Find affordable ways to live in Midland today with one of our workforce mobile homes. So whether you need a new home for a single man use or more extensive – employee centers, we have just what you need regardless of the size!

Enduring Quality that Lasts

The natural gas and oil industry sustains jobs now and will continue to in years to come. The very demanding and present needs of oil and gas workforce area housing remains. For the men and women working in the field, we offer safe and durable homes. The longevity of the homes stands tough and right at San Antonio Mobile Homes.

Complete HUD Inspection

Our homes go through thorough inspections all along the manufacturing process. Our Midland mobile homes meet HUD code each step of the building process. Our diligent pursuit of constructing quality homes guarantees a mobile home made to last! Don’t think that our homes won’t stand the test of time like site-built homes. Our homes use the same materials as site-built homes and can withstand the elements of nature. Properly cared for, our mobile homes in Midland can last forever.

Competitive Prices

Our mobile homes make it easy to get into a home you want at the price you need. Your home shouldn’t stress you out thinking about the price tag but should be a place of rest and ease. Because employees across Midland, drive hundreds of miles across Texas on their work commute – our mobile homes provide shelter and comfort during their travels. Living on the property of your workplace ensures you’ll be within walking distance of your assigned job! Never be late again because you’re not nearby your workplace.

San Antonio Mobile Homes want to provide you with the best home-purchasing experience you could have. We offer up-front pricing and honesty every time. Significant advantages abound when thinking about purchasing your mobile home in Midland, TX. Our team at San Antonio Mobile homes guarantees a no pressure-tactic sales, and we promise to work extra hard to get you what you need. If you’re unsure about a mobile home on our lot, measurements of any of the mobile homes or anything else, our highly trained professionals can assist you every step of the way. Contact us today at (210)-201-1861.