• Foreman / Exhilaration - TRU14763A - Living Room
  • Foreman / Exhilaration - TRU14763A - Kitchen
  • Foreman / Exhilaration - TRU14763A - Kitchen
  • Foreman / Exhilaration - TRU14763A - Dining Room
  • Foreman / Exhilaration - TRU14763A - Bedroom
  • Foreman / Exhilaration - TRU14763A - Exterior

TruMH Exhilaration – TRR14763A



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    • Bed: 3
    • Bath: 2
    • Sq Footage: 1,039
  • Price: Starting At $29,499
  • Model: TRR14763A
  • Type: Single Wide
Model Details: The Exhilaration is an impressive 3/2 single wide mobile home model. Holding a significant 1,064 square feet in home space, this model is a great option for someone wanting a roomier home while staying in the price range of a single wide. This model has a large living room with an adjacent kitchen space, three roomy bedrooms, and a master bathroom with a walk-in closet. Call us or contact us on the web today for more information on this model!

TruMH Single Wide Options
  • Thermal Pane Dual Glaze Vinyl Windows (Now Standard!!)
  • Thermal Zone III w/ R-22-11-30: $375 – $469
  • Wind Zone II, Includes OSB Wrap: $1,999 – $2,149
  • Wind Zone III, Includes OSB Wrap: $2,849 – $3,099
  • 30# Roof Load: $499 – $599
  • House Type Front Door w/ Storm: $195
  • House Type Rear Door w/ Storm: $195
  • Dishwasher: $450
  • Wire and Brace for Ceiling Fan (LIVING ROOM ONLY): $50
  • Ice Dam Protection: $125
  • Gas Option: Range and Furnace 100 Amp: $600 – 200 Amp: $649
  • OSB Wrap: $749 – $849
  • Shutters (Front Door Side and Hitch End): $125

TRU Mobile Homes focuses on building high quality homes with maximum efficiency. They are careful to have low margins and low overhead, which means they are able to keep their prices low. They emphasize affordable housing solutions with all the basics. Their homes are manufactured in regional facilities, and they have factory-select specifications, which help them in keeping their margin and overhead low. Each TRUMH home is built to Federal code. They are durable, fire resistant, energy efficient, and high quality homes, ensuring that you and your family can enjoy your home for many years. We are pleased to partner with TRUMH in offering you this home!

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