Park Model Mobile Homes in San Antonio, Texas?

Park Model Homes in San Antonio Tx

Have you ever wondered if you really need that spare bedroom that just collects dust and requires cleaning?

Or maybe you’re wondering how you can purchase a first home without loads of debt, or with poor credit? If so, than our park model homes in San Antonio Tx are just for you.

They are made like normal manufactured homes, with a few key differences.

Like the manufactured homes, our park model homes in San Antonio, Tx are built in a controlled factory, allowing for lower costs, higher quality standards, and faster delivery.

Like manufactured homes, the factory models can be modified and customized to fit your preferences.

Like manufactured homes, they are built on a trailer and covered with a skirt after installation. Lastly, like manufactured homes, they provide quality living space at a price you and your family can afford.

Unlike manufactured homes, the park model mobile homes have a specific square foot range. By definition and code, park models are under 400 square feet. They usually feature a bedroom, a living, a bathroom and utility room, and a eat-in kitchen.

Some park models have added lofts or porches, and these are not counted towards the 400 square feet. They are classified as a recreational RV and are not taxed like normal homes. The furnishings are also generally nicer and more space-efficient than in manufactured homes.

Differences between Park Model Mobile Homes and Tiny Homes

You probably have heard about the trend sweeping across the nation. All over the country, people are downsizing into custom tiny homes to reduce maintenance, price-tags, and the care of owning a big house. These tiny homes are built individually and can come with a hefty price tag.

Our park model mobile homes are very similar to tiny homes, with an important exception. Our park models are built in a regional factory, which allows a lower cost per square foot, compared to tiny homes.

Each of our manufacturers is committed to building energy efficient, environmentally friendly, high quality homes, so all of our park model mobile homes are equal to tiny homes in that respect.

Find Park Model Mobile Homes for You

Are you looking to reduce square footage, maintenance, and expenses without sacrificing quality or features? If so, than look no further than our park model mobile homes. Call or Contact us today to find out more and see more floor plans.

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