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What are Modular Homes

Texas Modular Homes and mobile homes are two types of manufactured homes, but they aren’t the same thing. Both in design and process, there are some key differences.

  • Mobile homes are built completely in the factory, although the two halves of a double wide may be joined on the site. Modular homes are delivered in 3, 4, or more sections, and then assembled on site. These sections are connected on site to make the complete house.
  • Modular homes are built on a permanent concrete foundation, which means that the home is tied to the land, and depreciates at a lower rate.
  • Modular homes in Texas are customizable, so if you like most of a mobile home model’s floor plan, but not all of it, you can customize your floor plan to fit your needs.

Get Your Modular Home Today!

As shown above, modular homes have several advantages over mobile homes and site-built homes. In addition to the ones listed above, here a few more. Modular homes look more like site-built homes. With the improvements in mobile homes, it can be hard to tell whether a house is site-built or a mobile home. With Texas modular homes, though, it’s nearly impossible to tell the difference. Modular homes for sale in Texas cost way less than site-built homes and about the same as other manufactured homes. With Texas modular homes, you can get all the features and advantages of a site-built home, with the affordable price tag of a manufactured home. For more information on the differences between manufactured and modular homes, check out this helpful infographic.