Custom-Built Modular Homes in Laredo Texas

modular homes Laredo TexasIf you’re looking for a home with all the features of a site built home, but at a lower cost, check out our wide selection of modular homes in Laredo Texas.

We work with trusted factory builders like Clayton, Schult, and Fleetwood to bring you the highest quality modular homes. We work with you from start to finish to custom build a floor plan and place the home on a permanent foundation on your land in the Laredo area.

You may be asking, “Why is a mobile homes dealer selling modular homes?” That’s a good question. We are committed to providing the best housing options available to our customers. Modular homes are a great way to get the best value of both manufactured homes and site-built homes.

We already offer a huge single wide and double wide mobile homes selection for Laredo Texas. On top of our wide selection of manufactured homes, we offer better prices, more variety, and unparalleled customer service on modular homes in Laredo Texas as well.

What Makes Modular Homes Different Than Manufactured Homes?

Maybe you’re wondering what the difference between manufactured homes and modular homes is. We have a helpful infographic showing the differences and similarities between mobile/manufactured homes and modular homes. Here are a few of the most important features of modular homes.

    • While manufactured homes are built to Federal standards, modular homes are built to the same city/state building codes as a site-built home in your neighborhood. This means that they can be placed in more locations and in more communities than manufactured homes.
    • Another of the advantages of modular homes is the foundation. Modular homes are placed on a permanent, fixed concrete runner foundation and they are ‘tied’ to the property like a traditional site-built house. This increases stability, and increases the value of the house for the long-term.
    • With all of our modular homes Laredo TX, you can custom build the floor plan and make your home in the exact layout you want for you and your family. We are experts in creating custom floor plans for modular homes Laredo TX families love to call home for years. Just like when purchasing a new site-built home, we work with you before your home is built to make sure the floor plan is exactly what you want. Don’t settle for a cookie-cutter modular home but make the floor plan your own! To begin creating your dream home, contact us today!

Despite their difference, there are two strong similarities between manufactured homes and modular homes. First is the cost savings compared to traditional site-built housing – you still save tens of thousands of dollars on a modular instead – and second is the affordable high-end features like granites countertops, fireplaces, giant soak tubs, and other luxuries in these homes.

Don’t Pass Up This Investment On A Modular Home

modular homes Laredo TexasBuying a modular home can be a great investment for the future and not only potentially increase your property value, but provide a fixed-foundation home for you and your family that is well built, affordable and has the same high-end features found in site-built homes, for less!

If you want to move ahead on purchasing one of our custom-built modular homes in Laredo Texas, contact our team for fast help and let us make your dream home become a reality!