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We have one of the biggest selections of mobile and manufactured homes Austin provides. But as one of the leading mobile homes dealers in South Texas we also offer a select range of modular homes in Austin, TX ready to deliver. If you are not familiar with modular homes, they have characteristics of manufactured homes and of traditional site-built homes, making them very unique.

What are Modular Homes?

Modular homes are very much like manufactured homes, with one major difference. They are placed on a permanent foundation on your land. Like manufactured homes, they are carefully designed and built in a controlled workshop environment with consistent, quality craftsmanship that you would expect from a Texas factory. They are inspected carefully throughout the whole process to ensure high quality construction and to make sure that each home is built to code. This reduces weather delays (which you would face with a site-built home) and speeds up the entire process without losing quality. They are then delivered and set up on a permanent foundation at the final location.

modular homes austin txThere are some notable differences in modular homes compared to manufactured homes. These differences are huge advantages, and are the ways in which our modular homes in Austin share qualities with site-built homes.

One of the main advantages is in the foundation. All our modular homes in Austin are placed on a permanent, fixed concrete runner foundation, which means that they are ‘tied’ to the property like a traditional site-built house. All of our modular homes in Austin conform to the stricter, specific city codes, not just the state and federal building codes. This allows them to be placed in ‘zones’ that a normal manufactured home cannot be placed. .

Another advantage is being able to customize the floor plan for your modular home in order to make your home the exact layout you want for you and your family. Just like when purchasing a new site-built home, we work with you before your home is built to make sure the floor plan is exactly what you want. Don’t settle for a cookie-cutter modular home when you can make the floor plan your own! We have helped to create many floor plans for modular homes Austin families love.

Huge Savings on Modular Homes Austin Can’t Beat

One thing that manufactured homes and modular homes have in common is the cost savings compared to traditional site-built housing. You still save tens of thousands of dollars on a modular home compared to site-built. You also have access to affordable high-end features like granites countertops, fireplaces, giant soak tubs, and other luxuries that could be cost prohibitive in a site-built home.

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modular homes for sale in Austin TXWhen you partner up with San Antonio Mobile Homes for your housing needs, we guarantee you will be satisfied with the quality of your new modular home, the price you pay for that modular home, and the service we provide. Looking for mobile homes or manufactured homes in Austin? We have what you’re looking for. Contact us now with any questions you have and we will be happy to serve you.

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