Mobile Homes, Lytle and How Good Things Sometimes Come In Small Packages


There’s something different about small town life. When you grow up in a small town,
you tend to know everyone. It’s actually a rarity to go to a store, restaurant, library, or
anywhere else without seeing someone or several someone’s you know. There are shared
values and common goals in small towns. People have an inclination to help each other
and work together to make things better. When a neighbor is sick, it’s not uncommon for
them to have a meal show up at the door. Values are shared by people in big cities too,
but it’s more focused in smaller towns, because everyone knows everyone else. In a big
city, you might run to the grocery store or fill up with gas and never see anyone you
recognize. We appreciate this at San Antonio Mobile Homes – Lytle, because we know
that good things come in small packages.

Lytle might not be the biggest town in Texas, but it has some big reasons to love it. Lytle
has a growing economy as compared to the rest of the country
. The cost of living in
Lytle is significantly lower than the United States average. Home values are rising and
unemployment is dropping. All these add up to a great place to live for current residents
and families looking to relocate.

If the reasons above aren’t enough to appreciate Lytle, then try this; Lytle is conveniently
positioned within a short drive of San Antonio. People who live in Lytle but work in San
Antonio have a short commute. Being such a short distance to a major metropolitan area
has other advantages. While most small towns cannot afford big entertainment venues,
museums, vast libraries and other big city attractions, it’s within a short drive of Lytle.
San Antonio has grown into the 7th most populated city in the country. Combine the
small town benefits of Lytle with the big city attractions of San Antonio and you’ve got a
real winner.

Lytle is only 30 miles from San Antonio. Far enough to enjoy small town life but not too
far to make travel hard. This means you can enjoy a leisurely stroll along River Walk in
Dowtown San Antonio, a visit to the Alamo, or the San Antonio Museum of Art and then
head home for dinner at one of Lytle’s home-town restaurants.
Lytle and San Antonio are in a region of Texas that’s growing exponentially. Growth is
expected to continue as people discover these amenities. Lytle is no longer a secret but
it’s still a great opportunity to put down roots here for your family.

Property values are still reasonable in the area which makes a mobile home in Lytle an
even better deal. In times past, mobile homes came mostly in smaller packages too, but
modern mobile homes from San Antonio Mobile Homes are well appointed, range in
size from small cabins to luxurious modular homes that boast well over 2,000 square
feet. Consider this Lytle mobile home built right here in Texas.

If you haven’t compared existing stick built homes with a manufactured home, you might be surprised how much value and luxury we pack into each one. We’d like for you to see more. Please, stop by, call or take a closer look online at what San Antonio Mobile Homes has to offer.

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