Manufactured Homes in San Antonio are a Growing Trend for All Seasons


Life is full of changes. Some more exciting, some more challenging, but it’s these changes that keep us involved, active, and alive. These times can be looked at as seasons of life. For example, some families are just starting out, some are growing, some are finding the nest 352078E8-92C4-A920-453CF4B497289F97is emptying out and others are settling into retirement. Each season requires some adjustments to accommodate different life situations. One of the biggest considerations we face at any of these junctions, is what is the right home for us now? The home is the biggest expenditure most families will make. With the cost of living continuing to rise, and incomes stagnating, many families find it even more important to find the appropriate home for their situation. This is one reason why manufactured homes in San Antonio are becoming a popular option for every season of life. Let’s explore some other reasons why this is the case.

A Manufactured Home for Every Season of Life

IMG_6805If you live in San Antonio, you know why it’s noted as one of the best places to live in America. It’s growing rapidly and home prices are on the rise. Rents are trending up
too. Manufactured homes are a good alternative to expensive site-built houses and high priced rentals. A lease today may cost as much as a mortgage payment on a similar size home. Owning gives you equity that you will appreciate as an investment later.

A Home for Young Adults and New Family

Img_9575-21This stage is important because it can set the tone for life. Good decisions made now can reap future rewards.
It’s perfect for young adults or families just starting out. Many of these homes are priced less than what you might expect to pay for a down payment on a comparable site-built house.

A Home for a Growing Family

San Antonio Mobile Homes has a wide variety of manufactured homes with spacious living areas and plenty of bedrooms and bathrooms. Many people don’t realize how many options are available in manufactured homes. If you’re family is growing and it’s time for more space, check out the Savannah with over 2,400 square feet of living space.

A Home for Empty Nesters and Retirees

When all of the chicks have left the nest and it’s time to start thinking about downsizing, manufactured homes are still a great option. You still want space and comfort, maybe even a few more luxurious features. You won’t believe the amenities available iD-KingRanchn a modern manufactured home. In San Antonio, you’ll find one of the best resources available for affordable house hunters. San Antonio Mobile Homes has two convenient locations and our staff of professionals are ready to help you find the home that meets your needs. If you don’t need quite as much space, but you’d like to keep some more elegant features, consider this two bedroom, two bath with a  porch. It’s perfect for a sub-development and can be placed on a permanent foundation. Downsizing can be a good opportunity to save money on your home and take some time to enjoy life.

So you see, no matter what season of life you find yourself in, a manufactured home can be a wonderful alternative. Consider these reasons for choosing a quality built manufactured home in San Antonio.


A manufactured home will always be a good choice when a budget is concerned. And, let’s face it, who doesn’t have to live within a budget? You’ll find that what you save on a manufactured hoImg_1733me can be banked or invested. The time you spend choosing the right home now will pay dividends later. You won’t have to sacrifice features to afford everything you need in a home. This Gettysburg  bedroom, two bath model is a good example of an affordable, yet feature rich home.

Quality Craftsmanship

Modern manufactured homes are built in climate controlled facilities. Building materials are kept safe from the elements so you have a home built without the problems associated with damaged, warped, or twisted lumber. How many home sites have you driven by and seen a stack of lumber or other building materials sitting out in the rain? These materials are easily affected if they sit in the rain, hot sun, cold or damp conditions. Do you really want your new home built with wood that has mildew and mold on it from sitting out in all kinds of weather?

Your new manufactured home is also built by trained professional builders. Many of the manufacturers have factories right here in Texas which hold to high quality standards which they can easily repeat in factory like conditions.

Lots of Options

Choose from a wide range of homes featuring a variety of floor plans, configurations, square footage and more. There are luxury homes and economy models and everything in between. These options give you the freedom to choose a home that fits your budge04F74A3F-C747-68D2-2DA0339A4D4489B3t, meets your needs, and gives you a home you’ll enjoy for years to come. When you find yourself in a new season, keep your lot and find another home that suits your situation.

Browse through our online catalogue of homes; take a look at the floor plans and the options available. Compare the amenities in a manufactured home with those in a site-built home or rental, and the cost of each. Contact San Antonio Mobile Homes for more information or a walk through. The decision begins to look more and more obvious. Then sit back, relax and enjoy owning a high quality, modern, stylish, manufactured home designed with you and your family in mind.

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