Infographic – Cost & Quality Of Mobile Homes Vs. Site Built Homes

Ever wondered how much you could actually save for you and your family if you went with a mobile home over a traditional site built home? The savings per square foot will surprise you, and if you haven’t seen the inside of a mobile home lately, you’ll be even more surprised by the superior quality homes being manufactured at a low cost.

Our exclusive mobile home infographic will help you do a quick comparison of the cost per square foot of a mobile home versus a traditional site built home below, as well as the other features and comparisons a potential future home owner should consider when making a home-buying decision. We did this analysis several years ago, so pricing specifics may be increased in 2024 compared to earlier, but the relative cost comparisons are still very similar!

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Mobile Homes vs. Site Built Homes Infographic

Infographic How Much Does A Mobile Home Cost Versus A Site Built Home

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