A Manufactured Home in San Antonio is a Great Home Value in a Great Location


KitchenSan Antonio, Texas is an example of a thriving Texas community. It has many amenities for people looking for a new place to call home. San Antonio is growing but it still has affordable places to put a manufactured home, whether it’s on your own land or in a community. 

If you are considering a new home, we would like to introduce you to the modern manufactured home.

What makes a modern manufactured home different than earlier trailer homes? In a word, “standards”. Homes manufactured in a factory prior to Housing and Urban Development (HUD) codes are considered “mobile homes” or “trailers.”  Some of these were built with high quality, but because of the lack of standards, unfortunately some were not. These newer modern manufactured homes must meet HUD guidelines. These codes outline specific standards for design, construction, structural integrity, transportability, energy efficiency and fire resistance.  After HUD regulations came into effect, factory built homes were called “manufactured homes.”

HUD codes for manufactured homes can be found here.

These standards help ensure a high level of quality in modern manufactured homes. Combine that with a manufacturer who is committed to building a quality product and you’ve got yourself a well-built, high value home.

What are some other characteristics of a modern manufactured home? Manufactured homes are built in a climate controlledFamily-room facility. This ensures your house has been built with quality materials that have been kept out of the weather. Many on-site builds suffer from degradation of materials that sit on the site for weeks waiting to be used. This can result in many costly complications; warping, mold/mildew, rusting, and other damage. A manufactured home is built by construction professionals with quality materials.

That same facility employs modern building techniques, tools and equipment to improve cost efficiency. With quality departments and uniform training, the factories can produce high quality homes every time, just like you expect consistently high quality from appliances and electronics you buy in the store.  Modern manufacturers use economies of scale to keep costs low, allowing for a high quality structure at an affordable price.

There are various styles of manufactured homes available.FP5778

Single section or single-wide homes

Multi-Section homes including double-wides, triple wides, and more!

One of the biggest advantages in purchasing a manufactured home is the relatively short start to finish time. While most on-site built houses require months of construction time, a manufactured home can be built and placed on site, move-in ready in a matter of weeks. 

You not only save time, but you will typically spend 10-30% less money than if you had built the same home on site. 

Less time, less money…it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out what is the smart thing to do.


  1. Modern manufactured homes are built to higher standards than their predecessors, meeting HUD codes. Homes go through a rigid inspection process before they leave the factory floor.

2. Climate controlled facilities allow for quicker build times, quality materials, lower cost, and greater efficiency.

3. You’d be hard pressed to find a better place to live than San Antonio. Manufactured homes make an affordably priced alternative to site-built homes. Locating your manufactured home in San Antonio might be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Check out this beautiful example of a high quality, modern manufactured home. Call us today and we’ll help find the home that’s right for you.

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