Reasons Why A Trailer Home Might Be Right For You

We’ve all heard the complaints about older style trailer homes. “They’re cheap, they’re run down, they don’t last, and probably the number one issue: They’re UGLY!” Looking back at the trailer home industry from years past, one would not be faulted for coming to that determination. The clear lack of design or attention to what would be considered today as aesthetically pleasing has legitimized the vast majority of those claims. However, a new wave of “trailer home” has caught fire around the nation. A home where curb appeal, craftsmanship, style, ample space, and high-end features are just as important and available as traditional site-built homes. The home of the future is here and we want to show it to you. Here are 5 reasons a trailer home might be right for you.

#1 A Valiant Effort to Establish Curb Appeal

Today’s trailer homes take into consideration that sometimes a person wants to sit outside and take in the sunset or sunrise while drinking their coffee or engaging in a good book. And they don’t necessarily want to enjoy that moment sitting in the grass or a traditional “lot” in front of their mobile home. Like Patriot Home - Pantry Barn Door and Granitetraditional site-built homes, the front and back porch has become the staple of comfort, relaxation, and appeal. The door on an old trailer home used to be one of its most hideous features. The older style spring hinge would start quiet but end up loud and obnoxious almost screaming, “ugly trailer home!”, if you listened closely. Well, maybe I’m stretching it a bit there, but the door definitely has plenty to say about the exterior of your home. And we’ve answered the call with plenty of beautiful door options on our mobile homes.

#2 Top Notch Craftsmanship and Safety

Over the years home construction quality has increased as the standards that home builders are obligated to keep have become more and more stringent. The same can be said about the mobile home industry as well. HUD, or the Department of Housing and Urban Development, has increased its building standards over the year as well. Most recently revising its codes, adding more laws that make manufactured housing and its foundations safer. These home building standards often exceed the normal state and local building codes, ensuring that your trailer home will provide years of safe, enjoyable living for the whole family.

#3 Gorgeous Style and Luxury Available

Coming home from a long day of work should be a drive we look forward to. The sense of pride that one feels when weary eyes rest upon their own property is an unbelievable feeling one can hardly describe. But a feeling we believe every family should experience in life. Trailer homes can be beautiful, majestic, stylish and luxurious. These homes feature open concept floor plans where the living room, dining room, and kitchen flow freely between each other and resort style bathrooms with walk-in showers and stand-alone tubs. Gorgeous style is available now! There are even newer “flex” homes that can be configured to whatever specification your heart desires. Pride in what you own shouldn’t only be an experience for the few but one shared by all homeowners.

#4 Ample Space for the Entire Family

How you ever heard of someone throwing a huge family get together in a trailer home? Chances are you haven’t, however, that doesn’t mean that mobile homes lack the spacial configurations and larger floor plans to accommodate larger sized families. Double wide trailer homes boast the same home sizes of their site-built cousins at a fraction of the cost. We carry plenty of 1,700, 1,900, and even 2,000 plus square foot models. As the title says these are not your average trailer homes! Our models come in a wide variety of square footage, to accommodate the small family looking for the perfect starter home, to the person looking to downsize in space. Trailer homes can be configured to provide exactly the wide open living opportunities you need.

#5 Trailer Homes Are Built With High-End Features

Gone are the days of cheap featureless mobile homes designed to simply provide a roof over one’s head. Trailer homes now boast some of the same high-end features the best site-built homes have to offer. Especially the homes built by the Clayton Flex series. These models nowcome with the following upgrades included as standard features: Ecobee Programmable Thermostat, Can Lighting, USB Outlets, Black Stainless Steel Appliances
Digital, Video Capable Door Bell, Craftsmen Front Door, Tape and Texture Finished Drywall
Exterior Accent Trim Package and so much more!

Need more reasons why a trailer home might be the right home for you? Let us help you find the right sized home that’s priced within your budget and built to provide you years of happy home living. Contact one of our housing specialists at one of our two locations for more information.